1. homeofthevain:

    Samantha Keely Smith, Harbinger (64” x 78”, oil and varnish on canvas, 2014)

    Spectacular new painting from Samantha Keely Smith, including a detail crop. Follow Samantha on Facebook and here on Tumblr.

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  2. red-lipstick:

    Ryan Salge - Bed Spirits, 2013     Drawings: Graphite on Vellum Paper

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  3. jucophoto:

    Our Macaroons shoot was just featured in Fashion Gone Rogue. Check out the whole story here!

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  4. mydarkenedeyes:

    Natalia DrepinaRadiograph of My Sorrows (2014)

  5. blue-voids:

    Brad Lochore - Chandelier, 2005 - oil on aluminum

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  8. artruby:

    Tokio Kuniyoshi. 

  9. arrogant-elegant:

    Ekaterina Belinskaya

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  11. mackenziebaker:

    Milk Series

    (by Mack Baker)

  12. artphotocollector:

    "Those were the reasons and that was New York, we were running for the money and the flesh…"—Leonard Cohen

    The Hotel Chelsea has a storied history. It has witnessed the comings and the goings of generations of men and women who have believed in the independence of their minds and their abilities to create.

    The artist, Linda Troeller, knows the Chelsea. For twenty years she’s documented and lived in its interiors. Her most recent book, “Hotel Chelsea Atmosphere: An Artist’s Memoir,” takes us into the history and the inhabitants of the famed hotel, where we get to meet the denizens and, revealingly, read their “Dear Chelsea Hotel” letters.

    Troeller’s photographic work is varied and rich, often exploring intimate and difficult themes. She pays wonderful attention to light and color, while maintaining an understated sensitivity that infuses her images. She is, “exploring the fragility and elegance of sustaining atmosphere.” 

    Photographs from this series will go on exhibit in Baden-Baden, Germany at the State Kuntshalle’s upcoming show Room Service. For those who can’t make it, it’s worth taking the time to explore Troeller’s work online and, given what is slated for the future of the property, to “remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel.” —Lane Nevares

  13. billykidd:

    Rag and Bone FW14 Runway Special Project was shot by Billy Kidd. - Sneak Peek 

  14. blackpaint20:

    St. Peter’s Chair by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, ca. 1647-1653, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

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  15. photojojo:

    It’s not everyday that you see a fine art photography project based on the adventures of a tiny Batman figurine trekking across Texas. 

    French photographer Rémi Noël created a photographic map of Texas filled with black and white images of a toy Batman exploring the vast state. 

    Clever Photos of a Tiny Batman Exploring Texas

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